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Charpy Impact

Charpy Impact - Chapry Impact testing (CVN samples) are for determining a materials toughness or impact strength. In real life situations there would need to be a notch or flaw present with the fast loading conditions that apply to impact testing. This is a fast destructive test that tests a materials ability to resist that impact loading situation. The testing can be performed at high and low temperatures. CMS has the ability to test from elevated temperatures of +400 to  -320 degrees Fahrenheit. Charpy Impact specimens are etched for notch location in weld, fusion line, and HAZ (Heat Affected Zones) of welded samples.   

Testing Specifications

  • ASTM E23

  • ASTM A370

  • ASTM A673

  • AWS D1.1

  • API 5L and 1104

  • ASME Section VIII & IX

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