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Meet the Team

General Manager | SCWI

Jason Schmidt joined the team at Colorado Metallurgical Services in 2002 when the business was under different ownership; he thrived at the onset of his career at CMS and gained extensive experience in the fields of chemical composition analysis, mechanical performance testing, welding certification, metallography, and failure analysis. A Colorado native, he has been mentored in every department of CMS' operations, and has achieved the lead supervisory role of every department at one point in time throughout his tenure at CMS; in 2007, he became the company’s QA Manager and Metallurgist. He played an integral part in the internal restructuring that led to new company ownership in 2008. In 2009, he acquired a Certified Welding Inspector certification from the American Welding Society (AWS). In 2018, he acquired his Senior Certified Welding Inspector certification from AWS. In his tenure at CMS, Jason Schmidt has overseen hundreds of failure analysis investigations, has provided trial testimony as a technical witness, and has served as a key consultant in solving clients’ reverse engineering or quality control issues.

Quality Assurance Manager 

Ruth Hughes joined CMS in July of 2019. She has extensive experience in operations, quality assurance, project management, and customer support. Ruth completed her Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree in 2012. Her strong organizational, analytical, communication and leadership skills coupled with strong business acumen makes Ruth a great fit and team member here at CMS. 


Daniel Schmidt is a United States Army Veteran and a Colorado native; his service years extended from 1972 through 1975. After his service, he was employed by CoorsTek in Golden, CO. CoorsTek quickly capitalized on his analytical abilities, which allowed him to solely operate a portion of the analytical lab until his retirement from CoorsTek in 2009. His entrepreneurial skillset, in conjunction with the breadth of analytical knowledge and operational experience that he has accrued regarding microscopy and laboratory equipment, makes him a key asset to the professional team and development of additional services here at CMS.  

Failure Analyst | CWI

Coming from the Reno/Tahoe area with an undergraduate degree in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Nevada in 2013, Josh moved to Denver to be in a larger mountain city in the summer of 2014.  Josh began his career at CMS in October, 2014 taking over the mechanical performance testing department to allow Mr. Daniel Schmidt to focus more time and energy on the renovation and expansion of CMS.  While managing the mechanical testing department, Josh became well versed in chemical and metallographic analyses before beginning to assist the failure analysis department on cases from many different industries.  As of July, 2016 Josh is now the head of failure analysis for CMS.

Metallurgical Technician | CWI 

Noah Maxson joined the team at CMS in January of 2020. He has a vast welding, fabrication, and operating specialty equipment background. Noah recently passed his Certified Welding Inspector examination, NDT training, and is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in Materials and Metallurgical Engineering.

Josh Martinez

Metallurgical Technician 

Josh Martinez joined the team at CMS in 2008 after being employed with CoorsTek in R&D. Josh has over 10 years’ experience in specimen preparation for mechanical and metallurgical testing. 


Ann Schmidt joined the team at Colorado Metallurgical Services in 2008 after being successfully self-employed for over 23 years. Mrs. Schmidt is currently retired from the day to day activities at CMS. 

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